Waxing Toward Fullness

In honor of the Solstice, myself and a group of Sisters created a sweet and soulful gathering to honor the birthing of the light from darkness as the Sun makes its long journey back toward fullness as the Seasons of the Wheel turn.  We honored the elements, purified in the fire that which we are “done with” and releasing, and acknowledged the seeds of new life and expression we are nurturing to give birth to.

We adored the moon in her ripe fullness and reveled in the mystery of the lunar eclipse  and kept the fires burning all night long – within and without — to greet the rising sun.

This is the season to consider what you are longing to give birth to in your life, in your family, in your community, in the world.

As the light begins its journey back to fullness after the Solstice, ponder for yourself the ways and places and people and manner in which you would like to offer your light to the world in the coming months.

What is your life longing for you to live more fully?

What quality or flavor of your light –playfulness, sexiness, fierceness, nurturing, devotion — could you express more of?  Where?  When?  With Whom?  What do you long to give birth to in yourself, in your relationships, in the world? How can your energy, talents, gifts and uniqueness be offered to serve that which you are committed to living, expressing, experiencing, evoking and sharing?  These are broad questions, but I believe if you tickle your awareness and feel into heart-full belly, you will find an earthy yearning for some flavor of evolution toward a fullness that ignites ecstasy.

As you recognize how your light wants to grow, evolve and bless the world, consider what you need to embody to liberate this expression of the light in and through you.  Do you need to dance every day or light candles at sunset or rub sensual oil into your skin every morning while blessing the curves of your body? Do you need to reach out more to share quality time celebrating life with your sisters or create more a sensually nourishing environment to feed your soul?  Do you need to pull out the art & craft supplies and give form to the images and dreams that sway and swirl into your consciousness?  Do you need to sing your heart out as you drive to work every morning?  Do you need to saturate yourself in a steamy, candle lit, aromatic bath once a week to hydrate your soul?  KISS: Keep it simple sisters.

And remember to celebrate!  Admire your triumphs.  Share your insights.  Express your gratitude for the mundane and the magnificent.   Savor every morsel of beauty with reverence and delight. Dance your ecstasy surrendered and uncensored.

Live. Breathe. Love.

with radiant devotion



I apologize for the lengthy gap since my last musing.  I have been immersed in a wave of transformation that required I let go of everything for a while, except for obedience to the rhythm guiding my journey.  Like the returning light, I am being reborn, rediscovering how the Source wants to live through me, speak through me, dance through me.  I am slowly gaining momentum and honoring the diverse ways Shakti wants to create through me.  I look forward to connecting along the spiral path. . .

Om Prana Shakti!


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  1. Kara
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 19:04:13

    I love your words…Thank you for lighting up my heart, sweetie!

  2. Victoria
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 14:26:18

    I always love the delicious images that you paint with your words! It is nourishing to read! Keep it up, beautiful sister! And I sooo enjoyed that Solstice celebration!

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