Source-Full Pleasure is Vitamin “P”

Source-full pleasure is one of the essential nutrients for the feminine soul.  I call her Vitamin P.

The busyness of our lives frequently requires we maintain a constant driving pace and over time that pace can dehydrate the soul of a feminine being.  Any parched deserts out there?

The aching desire to escape the relentless and seemingly never ending stream of tasks and responsibilities has created a generation of people who habitually use pleasure as an escape from the mediocrity or relief from the bruising life they are living.  And so you (or someone you know!) find yourself needing a vacation to “vacate”  life, rather than a holiday to enjoy it.

Those of us with a Feminine sexual essence almost always rediscover the true nature of pleasure, both offered and received, as both a connection to Source and as spiritual nourishment and fuel to perpetuate the magnification of love.

Create Source-ful Pleasure in your own environment to inspire and ignite your mission and gifts to be offered and serve those in your realm.  Take 15 minutes to sit in the sun or to appreciate your garden.  Take 30 minutes to walk around the neighborhood.  Enjoy a homemade glass of iced tea or the process of preparing a meal.  Enjoy a hot bath with all your favorite trimmings or a cool shower to enliven your spirit in the heat of summer.  Saturate your senses with a taste, smell, texture, sound or sight that you love.

To experience the spiritual potential and maximum benefit from pleasurable activities, approach each one consciously.  Dedicate the pleasure to what you are creating or causing or celebrating; consecrate the pleasure to the health of your body, mind and spirit and all that flows from you.  Breathe deeply and fully as you enjoy the pleasurable event, circulating the energy generated by each morsel of your pleasured senses.

When the activity is complete, move on to whatever is next, consciously circulating the energy of pleasure through your body and conduct it through your body as you work or play or parent or whatever is next for you.

Have you imbibed your daily dose of Vitamin P today?


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