The Moment is Your Lover

How would this unfolding moment occur for you if you engaged with it as your Lover? Cultivating this quality of intimacy with the moment is a profound practice to dip into periodically throughout your day.

The phrase “being in the moment” is commonly used to represent a desired quality or state of being: be present, be in the moment, be here now.  While it isn’t difficult to understand the value of being in the moment, it does seem difficult to actually be there for any length of time or with any frequency. Modern living seems to drive us right through many moments without even noticing where we’ve been as we strive to get things done, to make a living, to meet our own crazy perfectionistic (it’s a word now!) expectations.

Notice how often you are actually thinking about the past or about the future while doing something else entirely “in the moment.”  Perhaps your mind is wandering to reexamine a conversation you had with a lover or colleague as you take a walk or a shower.  Perhaps you are lying in bed trying to sleep and imagining how you will approach a difficult task the next day.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with savoring cherished memories or flirting with the future – these activities can inspire love, gratitude, creativity. Yet, if notice I think you will find that we are forever dawdling in the past and fussing with the future in ways that are less than nourishing.  Becoming aware of where my attention goes when it is free to wander has revealed for me the great quantity of time I can spend worrying, analyzing, judging myself  -– my behavior, my thoughts, my physical form, my failures, my weaknesses. . .  Anyway. . . .

While we do need to plan, to make progress toward accomplishments and to solve problems, we also need to remind ourselves to pause in the present from time to time; to consciously dwell fully in the very moment that is arising right now.  The next time you are doing an activity of some kind – walking, doing yoga, dancing, cleaning, gardening, cooking – play with the practice of consciously and consistently bringing your attention back to the moment.  Simply notice when you have been wandering in loops of the past or the future and attune to the occurring moment.

The feminine version of approaching the moment as a lover is opening to receive the moment into you and the masculine version is entering the moment and opening it.  We all have both masculine and feminine within us, so approaching this practice from either perspective is valuable.

For those of us whose essence rests more in the feminine, consciously and creatively opening to “receive the moment”  ripens our sensuality and blooms open our radiant depth of connection to the pervasive aliveness that is right now living through and around us.

Tuning your attention to receive the moment is most directly accessed through your physical senses: sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell.  The senses are always only experiencing in the moment. Attend to the sounds and smells in the environment you are in, the temperature of the floor under your feet, the texture of your clothing against your skin, the sounds arising around you, the smell of breeze, the colors of the flowers in the bins of the floral vendor, the pleasing shapes of the clouds.

Yes, your mind will also wander to lovely memories and exciting plans and juicy ideas.  Some of my best ideas and solutions come when I am in a kind of meandering contemplative state.  Take note of the juicy ideas and then bring your awareness back to the moment where you are breathing and sensing right now.  Notice especially when your mind begins to spin and churn on some past or future event and gently bring your attention back to the feel of the wind on your skin or the feeling of your muscles working as you move the laundry from washer to dryer.

In your love affair with life, the moment is your Lover.   The most mundane moment can become one of sublime sweetness with a mere shift of your attention to the messages from your senses.  Tuning your attention to the moment can be combined with other delicious blissiplines, such as savoring and celebrating beauty or saturating your senses or consciously deepening the rhythm of your breath.

As with your lover, there are moments of intimacy and moments of distance, rich moments of intense connection and dry moments of awkward separation.   Remember, all lovers have squabbles, clashes and other messy encounters that feel like less than love.  The art, then, is in feeling into and through those moments, rather than turning away from them in rejection or shrinking away in protection.

But that, my friends, is a posting for another day. . .

With Radiant Devotion



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