Love-Bruised & Moon-Drunk

Greetings Sisters!

The Alchemy we created together in the first ever Women’s Weekend continues to unfold in the way I have been living and loving ever since.  Even now, I am still so present to the shape of you – individually and as a Tribe – moving in my heart.

I arrived home love-bruised & moon-drunk on Monday evening, after completing with the Gift of My Heroic Journey group on the last day of the program.  My arrival home was divinely timed, allowing me to spend 20 minutes with my man before he ventured off to lead his bi-weekly men’s meeting here in Seattle.

By the way, while I was gallivanting with ya’ll l in our Love Affair with Life, Gary was co-leading the Men’s Retreat Weekend with three other brothers: Sonora’s husband, Stephen Garrett, Martin Hahn and Sean Nixon.  We all contributed to a profound wave of Sisterhood and Brotherhood on the planet during that weekend’s Full Moon Magic!

With Gary off to the men’s meeting, I had the LoveShack (the name of our funky little home) to myself for my own “homecoming” — an evening of re-integrating the “home” awakened in me during our weekend with the physical home where I sleep and eat and dance and dream, the place where I nest and that sources my service in the world as the Temple of my life.  I enjoyed a completely meandering evening of spiraling into the moment and into my home while bringing you all with me.

I began unpacking and putting away the altar items and decorations that became a part of our Temple, and in the process, completely surrendered to voluptuous impulse to create the primary altar in my home newly from the space we shared in our weekend together.  I put on music and nibbled food and danced as the new altar grew from the Love Affair with Life and Sisterhood pouring through me.   I went outside and breathed in a magnificent Sunset streaming clouds of neon rose and lavender steel in a sky alive with the wind.  In honor of our time together, I dedicated the evening to living what came alive in me in the cauldron of our circle, my cells literally dancing with the desire to create more beauty and magic!  Each time I light the candles and tend to this new altar, my heart feels outward to you.

As I tend my garden, walk in the woods near our home, and breathe in the majesty of summer’s ripening, a sweet corner of my heart is feeling your shape in my heart.

Just as you, I am always doing my best to live as an offering of love to the moment, to make conscious art with all that arises as best I can.  My own Love Affair with Life is sourced in devotion to the sanctuary of my practice – the sanctuary of what nourishes me and honors the feminine flavor of my essence.

Superficially it may seem like feminine spiritual practice is supposed to get you into your feminine – which is useful particularly for those of us who must find our way through all manner of activities and patterns of living that may feel out of harmony with the rhyme and reason of our more natural rhythms – those of nature, of the seasons, of our body’s cycles and the meanderings of the heart.

Ultimately, your feminine practice is devotion to how you want to be living and to tending the cauldron in the fire-center of your life. To incorporate feminine spiritual practice into our lives we each need to discover what nourishes us and harmonizes our energetic existence.  I have found that each of us needs a source of feminine “medicine” – using that word in its ancient sense as doorway to sacred – to remedy mechanistic living.

Ask yourself: How much love does my motion of energy in the world create and evoke? What must I nourish in my life to live as an offering of devotional openness?

In that spirit, here are just a few suggestions – potential “blissisplines” for you to play with and to inspire and celebrate your own living Love Affair with Life.


Meandering Time

I regularly arrange my life to allow myself a regular dose of meandering.  You might recognize meandering as something called “puttering.” For me, “puttering” carries a slightly negative connotation, suggesting aimless or mindless activity without accomplishment or redeeming value.  Just another misunderstood feminine style of spiraling through what the flow of the day and one’s deepest longing brings into being.

Meandering is a sort of flowing practice of wu-wei. . . of letting pleasure guide you in a spacious, effortless flow of ripe engagement with the unfolding moment.  Let go of the need to value time by how many things you check off your list.  The creative core of your soul craves the nourishment of unstructured, organic time and motion, spiritually and physically.

Arrange your life to give yourself regular doses of meandering for a few hours a week or perhaps – gasp! – a whole day of curvaceous play once or twice per month!

Tending to Your Altars

Take time out to tend to your altars and sacred spots of beauty.  Remove dead or dying flowers, clean away dust, and perhaps refresh and rearrange the items displayed to align with what is wanting to move through you now.

Savoring & Meandering Walking Contemplations

I am blessed to live in an area of older residential neighborhoods among which is nestled a fantastic park of woods and trails and a little beach.  Sometimes I just walk the neighborhoods, taking in each home and yard as an altar.  Sometimes I take the longer walk into the woods and savor the sounds and sights and smells of textures of nature.  I practice for a time dwelling only in the unfolding present moment, savoring through what my senses encounter in the here and now and the delight of a meandering mind.  After a time I allow my mind and emotions meander and frolic and tumble with whatever is stirring within me, birthing creative ideas, realizing insights, tasting memories and entertaining imaginings.

In my gratitude for the privilege of living my life, I will continue to bring you the fruits of my practice and ofmy love affair with life!

with Radiant Devotion


Keep the fire burning and the brew simmering!


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  1. kristi
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 14:51:11

    Wow Deborah, your gift of this musing/writing/connecting is such a blessing! What you have written here helps me get back in the energy that we shared at the Women’s Weekend in Harrison, and feel that love bliss again. Thank you!

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